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Our Committees


Altar Guild | Space Sharing Committee | Buildings & Grounds Committee
Treasurer’s Committee | Memorial Committee  | Ushers | Lay Readers

Leadership Team

  • The leadership team is responsible for building, maintaining and overseeing the spiritual welfare of the congregation and for directing and overseeing all ministries and business affairs of the church.

Chairperson: Anna Smith


Altar Guild

Responsibilities include:

  • Preparing the sanctuary for worship.
  • Preparing communion.
  • Creating and commissioning new sanctuary decorations
  • Maintaining inventory for worship supplies

Chairperson: Diane Weigt

Space Sharing Committee

Responsibilities include:

  • Executing space-use leases with parsonage tenant
  • Executing space-use agreements with all who share the sanctuary and/or Fellowship Hall

Chairperson: Pat Maggio

Building Usage Coordinator – Contact Person: Sue Shragal

Buildings & Grounds Committee

Responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring proper maintenance of building and grounds
  • Overseeing all volunteer and commercial servicing efforts

Chairperson: OPEN

Treasurer’s Committee

Responsibilities include:

  • Prepares the monthly Treasurer Report of Expenses vs. Income and provides a copy to the Leadership Team. Discusses concerns with the Team and/or the Pastor.
  • Monitors expenses vs. the annual budget
  • Forecasts monthly expenses and presents monthly to the Leadership Team
  • Supervising the counting of the church offering counter
  • Preparing annual budget of income and expense for review of the Budget Committee
  • Signs checks in a timely manner to insure prompt payment of bills

Chairperson: Linda Kosko

Memorial and Tribute Committee

Responsibilities include:

  • Sending notes of appreciation for remembrance donations
  • Recording donations and submitting report of the funds’ balance

Committee Members: Debbie Wisowaty and Anna Smith

Ushers and Greeters

Opportunities include:

  • Preparing the sanctuary for worship
  • Training ushers
  • Welcoming people at the door
  • Distributing bulletins

Chairperson: Debbie Wisowaty and Kevin Koshmider

Lay Readers

Responsibilities include:

  • Leading the congregation in the Call to Worship and Invocation
  • Reading Scripture during Sunday worship
  • Meeting with pastor 15 minutes before the service starts to review the order of service

Chairperson: Tammi Dawson