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Jim Wade: Announcing the selection of Pastor Monty Newton

Hooray! Thank You Jesus! God is good!

Well, the Search Committee is excited to announce that pastor candidate Monty Newton has accepted the call to be St. Paul’s new pastor. The church body unanimously voted for him as well. He and his wonderful wife Bonnie are equally excited to begin this new chapter in their lives. The Search Committee saw Monty as the perfect fit for our church. His experience will allow him to meet our current needs and help us to grow spiritually, nurturing and shepherding us as one church body and as individuals.

On behalf of the Search Committee I want to thank you for your patience. This was not a simple process, and all the committee members worked hard to ensure we chose the person God wanted us to. We ask that you continuously pray for Monty, Bonnie and our church (1 Thessalonians 5:17) . God has wonderful plans for all of us and everything that happens works out for His good .

Also, please keep the date of September 24th open. On that date Rev. Peter Sjoblom from the ECC will officially install Monty as our new pastor. This will be a service to both worship God and celebrate Monty. We hope you will make certain to be there. Thanks again for trusting in us and we will see you all in church!

Jim Wade