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Explore God 7 Week Sermon Series

Chicago is exploring God in 2019. And St. Paul’s is going to be part of the conversation!

Beginning January 13th Pastor Monty will begin a 7-week sermon series that will tackle
tough questions like “Does life have a purpose?” “Why does God allow pain and suffering?” and “Is the Bible reliable?”. These and other questions are some of the most common ones almost all people have. And, seeing the struggles both believers and non-believers are experiencing on the rise, knowing who God is and His purpose could prove to be the beginning of a solution. Some of these questions we believe through our faith. But, hard evidence to prove these questions cannot only strengthen our beliefs but also bring new believers into our community. Believers who long to worship God like we do and spread the word of God’s forgiveness. Forgiveness — He extends to us through His son, Jesus Christ.

St. Paul’s will be aggressively reaching out to our community. Through banners, posters, invitations, lawn signs, wristbands and social media. This campaign will also include all of
our members. We will be encouraged to invite friends, family and neighbors. All have questions like the ones listed above but very few people have found reliable answers. The initiative has been hugely successful in other communities throughout the country. In Austin TX, 377 churches and 1000’s of discussion groups participated, and the response was tremendous. People said they came because of the advertisements and they stayed because of the sermons.

We are poised to be part of the single biggest event in recent history for Chicagoland ministry. Let’s be not only supportive, but aggressive. God’s love for us is something everyone should know. Let’s tell them! Let them in on what we know to be true. Our invitation could be the only one they get. This event will change their lives. has given us what we need to be prepared. We have it in us to his ambassadors! If you are not sure how you can help, please speak to Pastor Monty or me. Remember, God does not call the equipped, He equips those he calls. Please find more information about this at

With love and prayers,
Jim Wade—exploreGod Program Chairperson